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Visa to Cambodia

A passport with at least six month validity is required. A visa is required for most nationalities. (Philippine and Malaysian nationals do not require tourist visas for a stay up to 21 and 30 days respectively.) No special permits are required.

One-month visas are available on arrival at the international airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and at border crossings with Thailand and Vietnam. Visas are not available at the crossing with Laos. Tourist visa: US$20. Business visa: US$25. Diplomatic, Official, Courtesy, and Special (Cambodian) visas are issued free of charge. One 4x6 photo is required. Visa prices are often higher at Thai overland crossings. 

Tourist visas can be extended for one month, but only one time. Business visas can be renewed indefinitely. Renew visas through a travel agent or the \'Department for Foreigners’ on Confederation de Russie (‘Airport Road’), located opposite Phnom Penh International Airport. Renew Diplomatic, Courtesy and Official visas at the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visas at Overland Border Crossings

Border crossing with Laos: This is a semi-official crossing. Border policies are not stable. Neither Cambodian nor Laotian visas are available at the border.

Border crossings with Vietnam: Cambodian visas are available at the border. Vietnamese visas are not available at the border.

Border crossings with Thailand: Cambodian visas and 30-day Thai transit visas are available at all Thai/Cambodian border crossings. Thai transit visas are free of charge. Other types of Thai visas are not available. At the Poipet and Koh Kong crossings, Cambodian immigration is charging 1000 baht for a tourist visa and 1500 baht for a business visa. Unlike the rest of the country, they usually refuse dollars. At current exchange rates, the price in baht is significantly more expensive than the official prices of $20 and $25. Some people have had some success paying the official price in dollars by being politely insistent. 



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